A lot of people today still dream of buying a BMW. And this isn’t actually surprising. It is a testament to German automotive craftsmanship. But of course, you will have to understand both the pros and the cons first before you even decide to have one.

For instance, keep in mind that it is a foreign car (if you are living outside Germany). And what you have to understand is that foreign cars tend to have more expensive parts and also, consider the reality that parts can be hard to come by. You will need to find a BMW repair shop in order to get it fixed in case something goes wrong.

However, being a foreign car, you can guarantee that the process of making a BMW car is definitely different from the usual domestic and mass-produced cars. BMW pays attention to details not to mention you enjoy a good number of features that you don’t actually see from other vehicles. And also, you can guarantee that the BMW is a classic. It means that it could last in your garage for decades and it simply looks nicer as time passes.