BMW is known for creating high-quality vehicles for all purposes. And the BMW G650GS is no different. When riding this motorcycle, we’ve noticed its agility and handling that outmatches the competition.

The BMW G650GS is capable of riding on all sorts of terrain while keeping its poise. With an impressive spring travel, you’ll find it easy to make your way through oily roads and other ailments.

Let’s start our review!

BMW G650GS Review

Technical Specs:

  • Top Speed: 106 MPH
  • 652 CC Engine
  • Unleaded Regular energy
  • Weight: 423 lbs
  • 5 Speed Transmission

The 650GS is not designed for day cruising, but its 70-80 miles per gallon makes it a great fuel consumption figure. When you ride harder, its engine will announce that it needs frequent oil checks and produce severe vibrations.

Despite its ground clearance and tall suspension, the 650GS has a low-seat height, making its positioning easy for novice riders. On the road, it feels balanced and lightweight; helping bikers move through corners quickly.


The 650GS is powered by a single engine cylinder that has 4 valves and is liquid cooled. Due to its liquid cooling, the engine heat is minimized and can’t be felt outside of close turns and or side breezes.

When it comes to speed, it has a 50 horsepower engine that runs at 6,500 RPM. All of this allows the bike to reach a maximum speed of 106 mph. Given its power, riders can ride this motorcycle for 2 hours at a cruising speed before needing to refuel.

Also, its engine is powerful enough for commuting purposes and is able to deal with ongoing traffic. Thanks to its skinny tires and its wire handlebars, you’ll find it easy to maneuver due to the bike’s responsive handling.

One of the 650GS’s biggest assets is its bike screen. The screen protects the rider’s fact by fending off gusts and wind from your view. This allows you to ride safely and drive without hindering your performance.

ABS Braking Accessory

Some users expressed their concern about the bike’s lack of a fuel cage. But this bike has a lot to offer if you are in need of extra accessories. It includes optional extras such as ABS, center stand, panners, top box, and heated grips.

When it comes to accessories, the ABS braking is top notch and is a great benefit. While they aren’t on the standard edition of the bike, they allow for more protection when traveling through hazardous roads. Buy it if you want extra braking power when you’re on the road.

Electrical Function

Its electrical system has a 400-watt alternator that complements its 12-volt battery. Due to its central spring suspension system, the 650GS gives a smooth ride on the road. With its anti-lock braking system, you’ll always feel in control once you ride this vehicle.


The bike’s suspension is another reason why it’s good for off-road purposes. It has large 41mm spokes placed on the front of the bike. Besides, they have a stabilizer bridge that prevents front fork detection under large loads.

It’s suspension travel measures at least 6.5 inches in the back and 6.7 inches in the front. This gives it a good compromise and makes it useful for backroad driving and street racing. Buy this bike if you’re willing to have a reliable vehicle that has enough suspension to enhance your riding experience.

There have been some questions about the bike’s build quality. For instance, some users felt negative reactions from the bike’s braking within 7 months of use. Make sure to replace your brakes often and inspect your vehicle to prevent this issue from occurring.

You can’t go wrong with the BMW 650GS. It has a great starting engine, powerful brakes, and a great suspension. Because of this, novice riders can easily hop on and commute to their desired location. Buy it today!

Closing Remarks

Overall, we believe that the BMW 650GS is the best bike for new and veteran riders. Not only does it have over 50 horsepower of speed, but it also has a stylish look that looks great when on the road. Ultimately, buy this bike today if you want to have a mixture of performances and an aesthetically pleasing vehicle.

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