No matter if you’re a novice or an experienced rider, the BMW F700GS, which is the successor of the F650GS, is the answer. This motorcycle is comfortable to ride on even when on tough pavements.

We like this motorcycle because it has a myriad of features and an extensive list of technologies to help you remain safe when you’re on the road. With this innovative motorcycle, you’ll be able to ride anywhere!

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BMW F700GS Review


  • Wet Clutch
  • EFI Fuel System
  • 6 Speed Transmission
  • Weight: 461 lbs
  • 6,000 RPM of horsepower



The BMW F700GS serves dual purposes as its great for both on and off-road driving. It has a 789cc 4 stroke parallel twin engine. This engine is strong enough to cruise through the city or commute to work.

It weighs 461lbs when it’s filled with gas. When it comes to motorcycles, it has a lightweight feel, making it great for smaller users who can’t lift heavier models. Thus, it’s a bike that’s easy to park and move around during dense traffic.

Plus. It has an electronic fuel injection that’s run by a 12 volt battery that’s located on the bike’s fuel tank. This gives the bike a low center of gravity which helps you make steadier and easier cornering.

Users like the BMW F700GS because of its fast acceleration speed. For instance, it goes from 0-100khm within 4.3 seconds. With its brakes, you’ll be able to get create emergency stops within 1.4 seconds.


Comfort and Safety

BMW’s Anti-Lock Braking System is a required compartment for most of their motorcycle models. But you can turn this feature on and off at will. Additionally, the bike has Electronic Suspension Adjustment, and Automatic Stability Control are available for the F700GS.

These features reduce the chance of your bike’s rear wheel from steering out of control. This makes it useful when riding in unstable conditions such as bumpy, oily, or wet surfaces.

The Electronic Suspension Adjustment helps provide enhanced comfort by pressing a button. When pressed, it allows riders to adapt their riding style so that it matches the road conditions and the environment.

There are about 9 different adjustments that you can select from based on your riding style and load, which makes this a pleasurable bike to have on the road or the highway.


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Riders also like the design of the BMW F700GS’s shield. The shield was redesigned to ensure that your dashboard remains clean. It seals the fork space of the bike to prevent water from splashing up and obstructing your view.

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Also, the cockpit has a button on the steering wheel and the dashboard. With it, you can check the status of your motorcycle as it provides important information on the fuel gauge, tire pressure, and water temperature meter.

There were some issues with the bike’s constant vibrations. Due to its 75hp that has a rev rating of 6,000 RPM, it starts to vibrate out of the user’s control during high speeds. We suggest that you ride this dual sport motorcycle at a speed of 65 mph to ride comfortably.

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Is This Bike the Right One For Me?

When shopping, take your body type into consideration. Your feet have to fit the bottom of the bike or else it’s too tall for you. If you’ve never ridden a bike that’s too fast (100+ MPH) or it’s your first bike, then you shouldn’t get a high-performance bike.

If you plan on using a bike for basic transportation and commute, then a standard, traditional, or a dual sport bike is a good option. If you have previous riding experience, it will feel similar but perform better due to the electric starters, disc brakes, and fuel injections.

For riders that tend to have a passenger in the back seat, then you should opt for a cruiser. They have enough space to keep both riders supported and are the recommended choice for long commutes.


Wind Protection

Wind protection differs from each bike model. While bikes without one have an aesthetic appeal, their lack of wind deflectors makes them hard to ride safely during long rides. This means that the weather will beat down on the rider and leads to an uncomfortable and dangerous ride.

If you’re going to ride through inclement weather or for an extended period of time, then you’ll need a bike with a wind deflector or buy one in an aftermarket area. Doing this ensures that you’ll be able to ride without being affected by strong wind directions.


Making sure that your bike is ergonomically correct with your body is more complicated than it sounds. Sure you can randomly grab a bike from the dealership and ride it, but it doesn’t mean that it will work perfectly with your anatomy.

Think of the bikes ergonomics before taking it for a ride. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the handlebars too long for your arms?
  • Are your knees bent at a comfortable level
  • Can you place your feet on the ground when it is parked?

Be honest with yourself and estimate the long-term benefits of buying your first bike. While it might be an extensive researching process and might involve some serious guesswork, you’ll gain a lot of benefits by getting a bike that matches your optimum physical match and helps you get the most out of your investment.

The Verdict

Mainly, we believe that the BMW F700GS is a great bike for riders of all skill levels. It has 6 speeds of transmission which can be easily toggled through the left handlebar. If you’re serious about riding commute in an effective way, then you should definitely give this bike a look.